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What is EmailXProfits All About?

EmailXProfits offers the exclusive training you need to optimize your results in the Viral Mailers/Safelist Industry. We also provide a fully functional and unique Viral mailer/Safelist allowing you to instantly tap into a list of thousands to share your products and services too.

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How does EmailXProfits work?

We offer 3 core systems that makes this the most successful viral mailer in the industry

Viral Report

Detailed step by step report that takes you from newbie to pro. Over 6 years of experience in this industry wrapped up into one easy to follow report and you get access to it for FREE!


Learn expert tips and tricks to maximize your time and efficiency with viral mailers an safelist. The best times to mail, how to increase opens and how to create ads that convert better.

Reach Customers

Our unique setup of this system allows you to reach thousands of members in just a few minutes. We offer great packages to get your message to the right people turning them into potential customers.

What we offer

Get the details of what EmailXProfits has to offer

Certified Training That Will Give You The Edge.

Over 10 years of combined experience from two of the top professionals in the solo ads, viral mailer and safelist niche we have tested, case studied and even created unique methods all of which you will get access to within your EmailXProfits account.

The system is designed not only to help you with making money online via your own products and services but also as an affiliate. The training offered her can be applied to all cases and scenarios to help you improve your leads and conversions not just on EmailXProfits but also in your own emails, solo ads and other viral mailers.

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No Stone Unturned, This Training Offers Everything You Need

Along with case studies we will also review product launches, building your own product and your own viral mailer. This opens up a new broad world of possibilities you can take on to further your online income.

This entire report is considered live, as markets continue to change and methods used to improve results this report will update keeping you in the know. By being an upgraded member you will get exclusive access to the special report sections to keep you ahead of the pack.

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You Need Customers, We Have Eager Ones Waiting For You Offer

The best thing about EmailXProfits membership is the ability to reach thousands of our members at a cost effective price. These are eager customers who want great products in the making money online, website traffic and like niches.

With just a few clicks you can get your message out to thousands of our members. These are responsive active members only and we also offer higher converting solo ads that stick out above the credit mails.

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We Offer a Fully Customized Viral Mailer

The training is great, but the viral mailer we offer within the membership tops every other mailer! Our system is customized to get you high open rates which turns into results. These results could be leads, sales or new members to your own sites.

With your membership you get access to our viral mailer where you can share your email offer with thousands with just a few clicks. We have custom built inbox that will also help your deliverabitliy no more spam filters etc blocking your messages they always get sent 100% deliverability!

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What makes EmailXProfits different from the rest?

The only system that offers both detailed information on viral mailers and provides a unique viral mailer itself.

Some of the unique features we offer are below...

Case Studies Unique Viral Mailer Core Training